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Who Are We?

Our mission is bringing the excitement and innovative experience associated the strategic laser tag to the Kingston Collection. We excite players of all ages for this ever popular and challenging form of entertainment.

Age groups are 5 and up to adults. Laser tag is fast becoming one of the most popular, action based real life (not video) experiences in New England.

Our History

Currently there are over 1500 laser tag operations around the globe. Try us out and enjoy some fun exercise for kids and adults. We can bring props to make your location a true battlefield. Better yet come to our modern 21st Century laser tag operation at the Kingston Collection to see what all the excitement is about!



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The Actual Experience

banana bills laser tag player orientation

Oriented To Players

Each player gets oriented from one of our field marshals.


Equipment Distribution

The equipment is distributed and ready to use.

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Guidance How To Use

The field marshal explains in detail how to use the taggers.

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Missions Explanation

All games (missions) are explained and so are the rules that need to be followed.

About The Laser Taggers

Banana Bill’s laser tag gear is American made, reliable high tech infra-red, and highest quality equipment. It has a range of over 800 feet. Accuracy is assured with a red dot scope. The game playing area is surveyed by our team upon arrival for our mobile operation.

Please call at 508-776-6634 or email info@bananabillslasertag.com for more information.



Laser Tag Experience

The Kingston Collection Laser Tag Arena Zombie Apocalypse!