Laser-Tag-Birthday-PartiesWelcome all future laser tag participants for the experience of lifetime. Banana Bills make sure everyone has exhilarating fun and great exercise.

The laser taggers are high tech American made equipment complete with sound and voice overs and very easy to use. Strategic and exciting games are designed for ages 9 and up. We carefully plan a birthday experience you will never forget and a referee is included with the plan. The laser taggers and props (see website) can be brought to you.

Banana Bill’s also has selected sites across Cape Cod that be used if your location is not suitable. The birthday person receives a free tee shirt. Pricing starts at $375 for 10 people (you can have less) for 90 minutes of playing time.

Additional persons are charged $25/person. Weather issues will be handled on a case by case basis.

Our taggers are fully electronic with sensors and don’t like the rain! Please call at 508-776-6634 or email for more information.